Passive House Design and Build Service.

Brown Construction Ltd is proud to have been hand selected by eHaus New Zealand as the eBuilders in the Waikato region.

eHaus offer New Zealand's only Passive House Design and Build service, building and retrofitting homes to the
International Passivhaus Standard, the most advanced energy efficiency standard in the World. These homes have been carefully and thoughtfully engineered to provide you and your family with a comfortable and healthy home that consumes 75-90% less energy than a conventional home.

For more information about passive houses, visit the International Passive House Association website.

Air Tightness Testing.

Why is airtightness important?

Uncontrolled airflow through the building structure drastically reduces the efficiency of insulation and will ultimately compromise the integrity of that insulation if moisture builds up within the wall cavity. Having an airtight home means you are able to control the air and moisture.

Long term insulation effectiveness is dependent on the quality of the airtightness envelope protecting the structure of your home.

Having an airtight structure helps maintain a constant indoor temperature which saves energy costs by ensuring that heat energy is kept within your home.

We can offer blower door testing as a measure of building airtightness. Members of our team have been trained to use the Minneapolis Blower Door unit. It fits into any external door of your home or building. It can be used on existing buildings for air leakage testing, or on new builds to test the seal of the completed installation before the plasterboard is attached.

Full Contract Service.

 We offer  a full contract service where we provide all the labour and building materials and engage all the nescessary subcontractors for a fixed contract price based on working drawings. The advantages to you are:
  • Materials and subcontractors are personally selected by us and therefore we can guarantee qualtiy.
  • You have one point of contact throughout the project.
  • We stand behind the project after completion.
  • Fixed Contract Price.

Free Consultation.

We are happy to provide you with a quotation if you have working drawings/plans.

If your project is more in the planning stage, we are happy to meet with you to give a builders perspective of the job and to discuss pricing.

For alterations and renovations, the best approach is to first meet with you and view the area to establish feasibility or discuss options.